This marinara sauce is absolute heaven! I could not do better myself... I've used it for mozzarella sticks, spaghetti and want to use it for pizza next! I will do that when me and the ladies at our design studio receive the case of sauce we ordered. Yes! it's that good!

Emily S

Design Consultant

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Hi Tomasso,

Now as for the sauce?  It is hands down the best marinara sauce I've ever tasted.

As luck would have it. I actually cooked a zucchini and mushrooms and vegetarian meatballs

this morning for lunch today. I was missing the sauce that you magically brought in for me.

It was sooo good that I actually drank it out of the bowl because I did not want to miss a drop.

So now I'm hooked.

Kalene B.

Design Consultant.

The Marinara sauce was the best!!! The basket we received was beyond believable! The

cheeses and salami with sausage and other great additions...olives stuffed with garlic...

pasta and much more were made for a perfect romantic dinner!... all one needs is a perfect bottle of wine! Thank you Tom!  We will be sending these baskets to our clients!

Thank you! xo

Deborah K

Realtor Florida

 Tomasso's Foods​