Tomasso's Foods​ 

Tomasso’s Foods was founded based upon my mother, Rosalia. She taught me how to cook at the age of 10 years old. The first recipe my mother taught me was to cook with love, not your hands. So I took her advice, and made this Marinara Sauce with love and the finest imported olive oil, hand selected tomatoes, and fresh basil. Authentic Marinara Sauce has to have the taste and juice of fresh tomatoes, and the smooth soft texture and rich bite of olive oil, along with garlic all put together in a jarred sauce. The perfect Marinara has to cook at a simmer so that the tomatoes are fully cooked through as the sauce becomes thick. Doing this will allow the tomatoes to hold their shape, the seeds won’t turn bitter, and the color stays bright red. The taste of this Marinara Sauce will make you think that my mother has been in your kitchen stirring it for three hours. When it is cooked with love, a person will virtually crave it every day. This is the true taste of Italy in every jar.

Thanks Mom.